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  Child Protection Policy  

The issue of physical and sexual abuse remains the number one concern for organizations and institutions entrusted with the care and safety of children. Child abuse occurs every minute of every day, and it occurs in every community. The sad truth is that North Americans are no longer shocked by almost daily stories in the media uncovering instances of abuse committed against children in the care of boys’ and girls’ organizations, sports associations, daycares, schools, campgrounds, churches, orphanages, shelters and group homes.

What a difference it would make if organizations and individuals across the globe would all commit to meeting the same strategic standard of care!

We believe that we have a spiritual, moral and legal obligation to provide a safe and secure environment in our church ministries including, but not limited to, children, youth and their adult volunteers.  It is our intent that our policies and procedures will strengthen our ability to uphold the honour of Christ and the credibility of church ministry as we fulfill our constituted purposes.

Everyone who teaches, helps or cares for children and youth is required to follow the guidelines and procedures as defined in the policy and procedures manual, “The Child and Youth Ministry Policy”.  This Policy was created using the guidelines of Winning Kids Inc. and their publication “Plan To Protect®”

This plan is designed to assist church leaders in their recruiting of volunteers and, to the greatest extent possible, provide for the safety of the children served by these volunteers. 

Each volunteer who works with children and youth under 18 years of age must fill out a volunteer application form, which requires 2 references, obtain a police check and participate in a training seminar that covers the following guidelines and procedures:

Child Protection Procedures

  • Classroom Staffing and Supervision Guidelines
  • Child Security
  • Washroom Guidelines
  • Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Proper Displays of Affection
  • Discipline and Classroom Management
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Incident Reports
  • Suspected Abuse Reports

All trained volunteers must be members or adherents in good standing who support the doctrines, values, direction and constitution of the church. If you love to work with children or youth and are interested in becoming part of our Children's/Youth Ministry Teams download the application and reference forms below and submit your completed application to Listowel Baptist Church to the attention of the Deacon’s Board. Note: there is a 6 month, getting to know you, waiting period before any application would be accepted.




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